Kyle Busch gets heated and "Lashes Out" after losing to Chase Elliott - Interview

Kyle Busch gets heated and “Lashes Out” after losing to Chase Elliott – Interview

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Chase Elliott has defeated Kyle “Rowdy” Busch in the NASCAR Truck Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway to take home the $100,000 charity bounty.

However, Busch wasn’t so pleased after the race which outburst in an interview which had to be edited by FOXNASCAR before uploading due to expletive used by the famous #18 driver.

Kyle himself even tweeted about the interview before it was uploaded via Twitter.


The defeat comes just six days after Kyle Busch accidentally wrecked Chase Elliott in a Cup Series race at Darlington and two days after Chase costly decision to pit late in the Coca-Cola 600, opening the door for Brad Keselowski to win.

Kyle Busch opens up about his fight with Joey Logano in 2017

The $100k that Chase Elliott won by defeating Kyle Busch is set to go to a Coronavirus relief effort of his choice.

Chase took a silly Kyle Busch bow to celebrate the victory.

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84 thoughts on “Kyle Busch gets heated and “Lashes Out” after losing to Chase Elliott – Interview”

    1. venza cherry

      He cries about everything. He always has. I have young great grands that doesn’t cry about every thing like he does. He’s a POOR LOOSER

      1. At least he’s not like all the other drivers. That are watered down and don’t show the real true feelings on wanting to win. It’s just a job to them he really wants to win and if he doesn’t then yeah he should be pissed. There was another driver did the same damn thing and he’s one of the greatest of all times everybody hated him but then later on in his career everybody. And everybody knows that was Dale Earnhardt.

          1. john w ferris jr

            but you know kyle enough to call him names an wish harm typical fair weather fans

          2. Arnold Hylemon

            Dale Earnhardt never cried or complained if he didnt win, he always had a smile and said… THAT’S RACING

          3. Albert Rodrigues

            I don’t like The jgr drivers at all. And I can’t stand KB not a little bit. I snicker under my breath when I see a kid all dressed in KB regalia screaming at his parents I say yup that’s about right. Kids love him because of the candy association

        1. Ya but Dale Earnhardt didn’t get out of his car whining just cause he didn’t win he took it like a grown man

      2. A true champion takes the good with the bad, and that is the reason Kyle Bush will never be a true champion

      3. Daniel Simpson

        Kyle is the best driver in NASCAR ……but…….all of that is overshadowed with his poor attitude……..You can be any way you want……but when you are in the public eye…. Show a little class… or lose….!!

      4. Kyle is the only one to keep it real he has passion for what he does unlike all the other drivers that lie to the camera then go in their haulers and cues and cry so no one can see them Harvick acts just like Kyle but u never hear announcers speak badly about him!!! If Kyle Busch ever quits NASCAR what a boring ass race that will be love u Kyle

      1. Man, it’s funny all you haters, hate Kyle but he’s still the best at driving that race truck. Passed what 84 trucks just to finish 2nd place …

        1. I’m not a Kyle Busch fan at all. Never will be but He is a champion at the highest level. He will go down in history as one of the best drivers to ever drive a race car or truck! Stats don’t lie. No one will ever accomplish the amount of wins in truck,xfinity and cup he has. He may have interviews that people don’t like but you can’t stop what he has achieved already in his career. He may whin and act like a little baby but a lot of other drivers do to!!

          1. Donald Hauenstein

            Kyle will never catch Richard Pettys 200 wins ALL in the top cup series! Richard always had a smile on his face win or lose!

        2. Too bad his sponsors are ok with this constant swearing in public. Maybe they should put it on the candy wrappers. He is representing them.

        3. They are not haters. He is just a poor sport , He’s ok when he is winning but when he loses he cries like a baby , Kurt is the same way.

        4. Donald Hauenstein

          Kyle will do anything to win,he said he misjudged when he wrecked Chase! You can misjudge a few inches but not a few feet,that was intentional all the way!

    2. At least he’s not like all the other drivers. That are watered down and don’t show the real true feelings on wanting to win. It’s just a job to them he really wants to win and if he doesn’t then yeah he should be ?. There was another driver did the same damn thing and he’s one of the greatest of all times everybody hated him but then later on in his career everybody. And everybody knows that was Dale Earnhardt.

      1. Dale Earnhardt was a leader!!! This guy is just a baby and ya there is alot more goin on in the world besides his charity, if he so worried about it maybe he should shake the moths off his own wallet!!

  1. Awww cry a little more !! Nice excuse of “startimg with broken parts”!! Face it YOU LOSS TONIGHT!!! Atta boy Chase!! & LOVED the ultimate u Kyle with the bow!! ?????

  2. Kryle, how dose it feel.
    You beat up inferior drivers in the trucks. These people have NOT driven as long as you.
    Now you were beaten.
    By an experienced driver.

    1. Funny, cause y’all be crying “cUp drIvErs ShUoLd StaY iN Cup” if Kyle won this race. Crybaby hypocrites???

          1. Joyce S. Ashley

            Always has been can’t stand him even though he can drive. He should grow up like his brother Kurt has.

      1. Kathy McCabe

        Cup drivers should stay cup drivers once they move up in class. That includes Chase and other drivers as well!

      2. Joyce S. Ashley

        Agree. Not fair to the drivers that are trying to go some where in the racing world.

  3. Denise Thatcher

    he is a cry baby if he would of won and we didnt like it he would say if you dont like it than get out. well do us all a favor and get out cry baby

  4. Julian Commander

    Cry baby kyle just needs to realize you can’t always win a race when the most popular driver is in the field that the best will always catch up to the most hated driver in the sport i would love to see more of the cry baby and #1 chase clash again

    1. Cry baby Kyle couldn’t of been beat by anyone better should of been fined and parked for his dirty driving

    2. Its time to let the younger classes win a race.
      Kyal has proved he is a good driver. To enter 7 events just to improve his reckcord . Sorry his head is big enough. Get in your own league. Grow up.

  5. David O Strouth

    maybe if he didn’t cry so much when he does get beat no one would hate on him..just sayin

  6. Remember Kyle said, ” 2nd place is the 1st place looser”, well who’s the looser now Mr.Kyle???

  7. I think its a win, win situation.
    $100 K goes to charity and it takes a little of the heat away from him crashing Chase the week before in cup.
    He cry’s a little so everyone thinks he’s mad ,perhaps. He didn’t really need the win.

  8. That’s why he’s called Pouty Busch!!! Somebody make sure Pouty’s got his coloring book and crayons.

  9. Wow I can’t believe the hate from people!!! Disgusting stop looking down on people!!!! It’s a race the drivers get frustrated!!! They are the ones out there driving not any of us!!!! Find the good people!!!! I don’t know why everyone has to be mean all the time!!! Grow up Kyle Busch wins a lot of races and that’s just it…. it’s a race sometimes he looses and if there is an issue with his eqiupment (trucks, cars ) he’s racing well he’s going to know more about it than any of you!!! Congrats Chase for the win!!! The whole bounty thing was stupid!!!! Race the race watch the race!!! Stop being nasty to drivers!!! I’m sick of the way people talk about other drivers!! Get over yourself!!!!

    1. Everyone knows he did Chase dirty and instead of retaliation, in which he has had so many chances, Chase was the bigger man and shut that little crybaby up. Way to go Chase Elliott!

    2. Jeffrey Small

      well said Lisa their is so much hate everywere not just in racing its been the culcher the last few years

    3. I don’t hate kyle. It’s just that he is a whiny ass so therefore don’t like him. If he wins he is arrogant and if he loses …. well we listen to whining. Be a professional Kyle Busch

  10. Cecelia Hall

    Wonder what the cup race will look like tonight? Retaliation? More pouting? A fight? Or is it over?

  11. And this is who represents nascar now
    Defending champ is a sorry loser and worse than that he’s not a good humble person

  12. I think this is so sad. Kyle you and Samatha I am sure have enough money for your charity to donate to. You two do awesome work with that charity BUT also Chases win is going to people affected by the Coronavirus. It is a very sad time for people to put food on their table and keep their jobs so please be humble. You are fortunate to be able to have a job, post elaborate vacations etc when people out here are so struggling with the virus. Why couldn’t you have congratulated him and thank him to donating the win money to so many people in need? This was a sad interview by you- I hope someday you don’t lose everything and have to worry where your next meal or job will come from. Very disappointing!!!!

  13. Larry A Anderson

    Kyle is one of the best and that what puts seats in the stands[although not right now] The great open wheel driver Jack Hewitt was quoted whether they cheer or boo as long as they buy a ticket we can keep doing what we do. Look at all the fans that loved to see Dale E. spin people out to win. Without a little controversy Nascar would be more boring than it already is.

    1. Dennis Smith

      Kyle is a great driver..but if he doesn’t win yes he is a poor sport..but all in all remember the old saying.RUBBING IS RACING

  14. He needs to quit being such a sore loser, He knew one day he was gonna lose. Cry-Baby Busch or Pouty Busch sounds like the right names for him. In the end a Charity see’s a Good Thing

  15. If you claim to be the best driver in Nascar don’t blame the equipment. The best overcome the odds and don’t make excuses.

  16. Michael Eyer

    In the real world Kyle is probably a great person.
    It’s just that we all know what the interview is going to sound like before it even happens. The simplest of terms would be crybaby and sore loser.

  17. Lol y’all crying about cup drivers running Xfinity, or trucks have zero idea. It is a professional driver racing in a professional series in a legal truck end of story. And comparing it to stick and ball sports is just plain ignorant.

  18. Kathy Thompson

    The F word should get him fined there is no reason to use that language in an interview

  19. Kyles_A_Bitch

    You own the team. That means you at some point Pprove the acquisition of leaders within your organization. So if you started the race with broken parts, you as the owner should publically take responsibility. Sure, have your talk when you get back, but dont put the blame on others… own it.

    I also HATE the fact that cup drivers are allowed to race outside the Cup circuit. It makes it nearly impossible for the younger crop of drivers to excel.

    Congrats to Chase, but your Kyle bow would’ve meant far more if you could actually get a win in your own series! Will be pulling for you to finally get that W as the weeks progress, good luck!

  20. Show me a good loser and I show you a bonified loser, and as far as Elliot is concern he should take his finger and his bow and go crawl back into his daddy’s shadow where he belongs..

  21. All current Cup drivers should be banned from the truck series. It is supposed to be a driver development program series and top Cup drivers just stink up the show.

  22. Chris Sinclair

    Listen, I’m not a big Kyle Busch fan, but he can flat out drive. His interviews , right after the race, could be a little more polished. With that said, NASCAR needs Kyle, people need someone to “hate”. That is the beauty of the sport. You have Kyle crying, Kurt raging, Stenhouse wrecking, Boyer joking, and Harvick creeping. There is something for everyone. It’s ok to hate in the right context, but you can’t hate on his driving.

  23. I use like Kyle when he got started in trucks but once he got to the big shoe I didn’t like him anymore cause he was a crybaby but all he wants to do is win and I thought about it and that was same way my favorite driver had been and didn’t care about what people thought and that was no other than num 3 the best ever so now I know it’s not crying its intensity to win and if u don’t have that u don’t have a place on the track so over the yrs I’ve learned to like him cause like ricky Bobby said if u ain’t 1st ur last.
    Keep up the good work kyle

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