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Fans to be allowed “sometime in the near future” – NASCAR president

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NASCAR president, Steve Phelps believes that NASCAR will be able to allow fans into the sidelines “sometime in the near future” when the officials become sure that it is safe fo the fans. 

Speaking to Dagen McDowell on “Mornings With Maria“, the president said:

Right now, we feel good about the policies and protocols we have in place for our drivers and crews and FOX production people – anyone who is at the racetrack. We need to make sure that we have the same protocols and make sure everyone is safe from a fan standpoint… I believe we will be back with fans sometime in the near future.

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NASCAR resumed races last Sunday after more than two months hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. While everything has gone well for the last two matches, the lack of fans makes watching the race “eerie”, says the president.

It was eerie not to race in front of fans. The race of the action on the track felt very normal. Everything else did not

So, we’ve got a skeletal crew, kind of essential personnel, that is going to the race track – about 900 people that are in the footprint, drivers, crew chiefs, all wearing protective gear, all the protocols for getting in there to be screened to make sure everyone stay safe and healthy.

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