Busch Elliott clash

Kyle Busch sheds light on his conversation with Chase Elliott after the clash

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Kyle Busch has been trying to handle the clash with Chase Elliott as professionally as he can. Due to the clash, Elliott went from a good chance to win the race to finishing 38h in the Toyota 500 in Darlington Raceway on Wednesday.

Busch has already stated in a number of occasions that the clash with Elliott was his mistake and lack of judgement.  There are assumptions that Elliott will try to retaliate in the upcoming races. However, Busch has been trying to improve the situation the best that he can. As he said in previous interviews, he reached out to Elliott to speak about the incident.

Busch deserved the middle finger – Elliott speaks about the clash

Speaking in Zoom conference, Busch said:

Yes, Chase and I talked and it went really well.

He’s a class act, we’ve all seen that. So, the conversation overall was good.

While there has been a lot of buildup to the incident, everything will come out to be good in the end after all.

Denny Hamlin’s view on retaliation in the Elliott-Busch incident

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7 thoughts on “Kyle Busch sheds light on his conversation with Chase Elliott after the clash”

  1. Sheila Gideon

    Busch would wreck anyone to try and win. If the tables were turned he would raise heck to the other driver.

  2. Joyce Fletcher

    Not buying tickets anymore. Not watching anymore. The only mistake Busch made was lying. Tired of the disrespect. He is too old to be acting like this. And then to say NASCAR will not punish Elliot. What is all that about. NASCAR equals busch. Commentators had to be careful what they said but they know too. No mistake

  3. Terry Chewning

    Why would. Kyle , after finally reaching a good finishing position intentionally wreck his own car just to keep Chase out of the race. He owned the mistake, has anyone on here ever made one? I know I have made a lot of then. Thank God Jesus died so mine are forgiven. You may now cast the stones!

  4. I’m not a dedicated NASCAR fan because the organization competes mostly on oval tracks (I raced sports cars off and on for six decades), but I was really happy to watch a live race on TV. Chase will probably get even at some time during the season…but that means Busch will go after him again!

  5. I have never liked Krybaby Bush because that’s exactly what he does when the shoe is on the other foot. his attitude is his biggest problem.

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