Chase Elliott Kyle Busch clash

Kevin Harvick has his say on the Chase Elliott-Kyle Busch clash

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NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick believes that the Chase Elliott-Kyle Busch clash occurred due to misjudgement from Busch. 

Speaking to FOX: NASCAR, Harvick said.

He wanted to get back in line so quick, and Kyle was on the bottom. He had a hole between myself and Chase.

I’m sure he had one eye in the mirror, glanced forward, and it looked to me like he completely misjudged and got the 9 [Elliott].

Elliott was running second while Busch came in from behind and sent Elliott’s car for a spin in the Toyota 500 at Darlington Raceway on Wednesday. Denny Hamlin won the race, his second win of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series. Busch finished second in the race and Harvick third.  However, Elliott had to satisfy with 38th position.

This turn of fortune, from an excellent chance to win the race and crashing out the race, frustrated Elliott so much that he saluted Busch with the middle finger gesture after he came out of his car. Eliot will not be fined for the bust-up, NASCAR said after the incident.

Busch deserved the middle finger – Elliott speaks about the clash 

Kyle Busch was very apologetic regarding the clash with Chase Elliott. He has already apologized for a couple of times for the mistake and has taken full credit for the incident

He wrote in his twitter account:

I want to apologize again to Chase & his team. I made a mistake & misjudged the gap. I really hate that it happened for those guys. I have too much respect for Chase and Alan to do that maliciously.

Fans to be allowed “sometime in the near future” – NASCAR president

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49 thoughts on “Kevin Harvick has his say on the Chase Elliott-Kyle Busch clash”

  1. Robert Johnson

    Busch will take anybody out to try and win. Rude kid trying to get attention, needs to be taken out to see what it feels like!!

    1. Wrong pal you never see Kyle making a mistake for real. This is why he has won two Championships for never making any mistakes…

      1. Kyle took out Truex earlier in the race so do say he did not take our Chase too. My mistake, with Kyle it is never a mistake .

      2. It was on purpose dude…Kyle is better than that…just his baby attitude coming out because he was getting beat again

    2. Absolutely correct. Kyle got his points and money so it’s easy that the idiot to say up. Meanwhile Chase got nothing and destroyed car. Saying I mess up does not make everything ok. I will burn my #18 race shirt today in hopes he finishes in 38 position.

      1. Tommy Houser

        Kyle Busch is a good driver I’ll give him that but he is still a whiny cry baby if he doesn’t win every race his first championship was pretty much given to him and didn’t even congratulate Briscoe on his xfinity win at Darlington just complained about coming in second. I have no respect for him as a person

  2. I’m not a Kyle Busch fan but you have to give the devil his due. He is a great driver and not dirty. He misjudged plain and simple. Was probably worried more about Harvick behind him than the 9 in front. If you want to talk about dirty talk about Logano.

      1. Kyle is and always has been a dirty driver. Even his teamates have been taken out by him to win or even gain a position. He makes a lot of so called mistakes.

  3. Yea like next time Kyle goes to grandma house for dinner. I can see grandma Kyle upside the head and saying now that’s what you call intentional

  4. Someone else is always the one that gets dumped when Kyle makes a mistake. It’s never him I’m not saying he’s dirty just shows no respect to anyone.

  5. Kyle has a habit of making mistakes that takes out the other driver just as Dale Sr. always said after he dumped someone, I didn’t mean to wreck him, just wanted to rattle his cage. Just because Kyle has won the championship twice does not make him a great driver, Sr. won seven titles and in my opinion that did not make him a great driver either.

  6. Oh my gosh, you Kyle haters use any excuse to cut the guy down! He made a mistake. He admitted it and apologized! None of you haters are perfect and I’m sure you have all made mistakes. Get over it! It was clearly a misjudgement on his part and he owned up to it. Give the guy a break. Are you all being crucified for any mistakes you have made? Stop taking it as if it is a personal attack on you! Most of you hate the guy so much you will look for any reason to attack him. Accidents happen. That’s what makes for an exciting race. There are far more horrible things happening in the world right now than Kyle accidentally taking Chase out, that you should all be worrying about! Jeeeez!

    1. Kyle Busch has won 2 series championships, has won over 200 races in the 3 series, he doesn’t make a blatant mistake like misjudgements of a hole to move into, they knew the rain was coming, and Elliott was going to get past Denny, so he did what he had to do to insure a team win!

  7. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!. So, everytime a driver crashes into another driver, you want to fine him, take away the position, points and money and give it to the driver he took out….or just Kyle! Ridiculous!!!

  8. Kyle dose not make mistakes he is a great driving I can’t stand the man myself but he can drive that was NO mistake I don’t care what he says ????????????? THAT WAS JUST DOWN ROGHT DIRTY

    1. The race was put on by Toyota and there for he thought he had to win no matter who he took out he knew chase had the car to beat if him or his team mate couldn’t win no one was

  9. Teresa Nickell

    I totally agree. Give Elliot his points and money cause you know he was outracing Kyle. It’s only fair.

  10. If Kyle is using the excuse it was bad judgement how about switching points and money with Chase? Kyle has ran over other drivers his whole career. Gibbs racing must approve of this style. Hamlin has taken Chase out before and then when Chase retaliates Hamlin plays the victim.

    1. ppl grow up if that had been dale sr u would have said nothing so get over it. kyle would take out his own brother for a win its being compeative cry all u want

  11. Funny how Chase accepted the truck race challenge against Kyle before the world got crazy and first chance he gets Kyle takes him out “accidently” of course. Wasn’t Harvick the one who put out the bounty? Coincidence, I think not!

  12. I’ve been a NASCAR fan for over 40 years. Was a Dale Sr. Fan then Ricky Rudd then Carl Edwards. Now a Chase fan, he let Kyle know what he thought, Kyle apologized that’s racing. Let the boys work it out! They are both great drivers and there’s too much hate in the world already. Get over it.

    1. If you’re going to start fining drivers for every single racing incident we’re going to have the vanilla racing along with more rules that everyone so enjoys about.

  13. If you make mistakes like that then so much for being a great driver! Sort of takes away your great driver status. Can’t drive under pressure.

  14. All you whining on here have probably never watched a whole race . Wrecks are part of racing .that’s why most people watch the races … and all you mind reading think you know what Kyle’s intentions were . Kyle Busch does not have to wreck anyone to win ..check his stats.

    1. You are right he doesn’t have to wreck anyone to win. According to all of the experts he is arguably the best driver in nascar which is confusing because why does he do it anyway? Well he is a dirty driver, period. His attitude is “If I can’t win I’m taking out at least someone and if you little people try to race me hard I’ll just take you out too because I’m the best and I can do no wrong”

  15. I’m just curious here. You know Dale Earnhardt did the bump & run, side drafted, & slid in holes too small, and took people out of the race all the time. I wonder if were he that did this you guys would be complaining? I mean according to Dale it was “just racing”.

  16. John T Davis

    I Agree! Shame on NASCAR!! One more Reason not to follow or watch this governed and free for all antics in the name of getting ratings! Kyle Busch points need to be awarded to Chase Elliot! And Chase Elliot’s points given to Kyle Busch! Fairest Judgement I can think of!

  17. Kyle Bush has been doing this for years. Ask Kasey Kahn’s how many times Kyle wrecked him out and f a race. Kyle should be punished for his continual use of wrecking somebody to win. If he wants to run in a bumper cat debt? Go sign up for your one. Rubbing may be racin’ But wreckin’ is crap. If NASCAR ain’t going to call it crap, the fans will.

  18. So why not fine Chase for giving the finger on tv. Other drivers have been. I’m not a Busch fan and I have no problem with Chase but hate how Nascar seems to play favorites with him. Other good young drivers that don’t get near as much attention.

    1. Chase is nascars angel right now and always came up through the ranks with the best equipment. Put to the top level 3 years too soon. Liked his dad but can’t stand him.

    2. Just look what nascar did to kyle Larson. and what did they do to chase? nothing. walked up close to the track that’s a no no. and did what he did in front for all to see. whats the difference? rule is a rule or is it?

  19. Steve Tire rub

    Wow never knew there were so many highly experienced experts around. All the drivers think it was honest mistake. Maybe you experts need to get into racing and educate these drivers and people like Jeff Gordon.

  20. When Kyle has the same thing done to him (a mistake!) He always takes a fit , mkes a big deal of it and goes after the person who misjudged and made a mistake. For such a good driver he sure makes a lot of mistakes!!!

    1. Well, of course Kryle is gonna get on national TV and say “yeah I took him out on purpose” if they did that none of them would be employed any more. So they lie to every one and put up some fake apology.

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