NASCAR says Chase Elliott will not be fined After Kyle Busch bust-up

NASCAR says Chase Elliott will not be fined After Kyle Busch bust-up

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The rainy weather definitely brought some tension at Darlington Raceway following #18 Driver Kyle Busch and #9  Chase Elliott accidentally collided according to Kyle in his interview after the race.

However, NASCAR stated that Chase Elliott will not be fined for the gesture nor for not going straight to the ambulance claims made by NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass VIA his Twitter. 

Kyle Busch – “There’s no question. I made a mistake.”

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Chase was comfortably in second place on Wednesday night in the Toyota 500 at Darlington Raceway with an opportunity to get the win, however, he was taken out of the race after being driven into by Kyle Busch in a strange incident.

Should Chase Elliott Be Fined By NASCAR?

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230 thoughts on “NASCAR says Chase Elliott will not be fined After Kyle Busch bust-up”

    1. Ronald Christie

      Kyle Bush should be parked he did that intentionally! Total ***** move and then the comentators sugar coat him for him all the time! What a digrace! Weong is wrong! Park the

      1. Kyle Bush made a mistake. Admitted
        Kyle Larson made a mistake Admitted
        Punishment should. Be equal

          1. no such luck bush is like joey if you cant pass them wrek them they been getting away with this for a while WHY ask NASCAR

      2. shawn mosley

        Chase let up after pushing denny tryed side drafting kyle. Kyle misjudged as he was going up. It was a accident. If it was on purpose Kyle wouldn’t of said anything

          1. Dale E all over again. Chase should be awarded second and Kyle wherever Chase did end up.

        1. Dale E Gunderson

          He Kyle was looking to slow down Harvick who had a head of steam. He didn’t want Harvick to beat his teammate!

          1. Busch seen that chase had a run and was going to run by denny like a train but didnt want his cheating Toyota to get passed up thats y

        2. For supposedly being the best Driver in Nascar a foot is not an accident. 2 or 3 inches maybe I could swallow it, but misjudging a foot is a little over the top!

          1. Don’t be a hater when #9 “ misjudged by a couple of feet and parts that loud mouth #18 and I hope it for first place in the last stage. Wanna bet how much Kyle will cry about it!

        3. If Kyle Busch cannot judge distance any better then that, it’s time fir him to hang it up. He’s not winning anymore anyway. He took Elliott out on purpose, PERIOD!

          1. Agreed ?!!!!! Busch took him out and it was on purpose totally. Busch is a dirty driver and always has been!

          2. Tim Childers

            Not winning anymore??? Lmfao. Do you watch Nascar Cup racing? He won Homestead, and the Championship last season. So far two seconds this year. 56 total Cup wins SO FAR. And I’ll guarantee you, Kyle Busch will win some more Cup races this year. Come on man, get real.

        4. Marie Horsfield

          Kyle intentionally put Chase out. No
          More excuses for him. I was very disappointed in the cover up
          By Jeff.

          1. Kyle Larsons gesture was accidental also. One finger salute is inappropriate also So Nascar get on same page

        5. Has to be lmao, there was air between the chase and the 1st place car, he didnt hit anyone, there was air between chase and the car behind him, Bush gambled, couldn’t make the pass, so instead of losing track position, he straight up went into the side of chase totally spinning him out and taking his spot. If driving professionally for as long as he has, he damn well knows the between a couple of inches and a couple of feet, he knew he had no chance to slide up in there. Chase’s rear bumper was clear back by Busch’s front tire, if cant see that, he dont need to be driving

        6. Chris Willis

          It did look like Chase let up , Notice the gap between him and Hamlin . Increase considerably, Chase did not want to let Busch in.
          Im a Nascar Fan – Jimmy Johnson 🙂

        1. Kyle Busch knew exactly what he was doing. He doesn’t make that type of mistake. He should sit out a couple of races. His actions were intentional.

          1. Hey snowflake …. Chase should call daddy and ask what it was like racing against Dale Earnhardt . That was a signature move by Dale on the last lap. It was neat that Chase let Kyle know that he is number 1. Best driver on the track.

          2. Exactly right Bush exactly what he was doing. That’s why I refer to him as a Richard cranium.

          3. Sharon Allen

            Just a racing incident Kyle apologized and that’s it. Haters going hate

        2. Vernon+Shedd

          Kyle knew that if he didn’t do that he would be 4th or father back he has no respect for other drivers and this is not the first time and want be the last unless NASCAR does something about it. Kyle Larson made a statement and cost him his career. What did Bush so called mistakes cost Chase and his team if they had black flagged him I bet he would not do it again

          1. Richard Adcock

            well said this was not just racing it flagrant and should not be overlooked by Nascar fine the out of kyle!!

          2. Exactly, where’s the black flag! They need to use it way way more, like when they used to use it against SR. And he would still come back out and kick

      3. WHAH!!! That’s NASCAR… It’s just rubbin”… If you can’t control your car. get
        off the track!!!

      4. Busch gets away with anything just to win he just ate his words second place is the first loser

      5. Jeffery Sawyers

        Kyle Bush is such a baby! He couldn’t pass Chase so intentionally took him out! Kyle u r a

      1. shawn mosley

        Chase let up after pushing denny tryed side drafting kyle. Kyle misjudged as he was going up. It was a accident. If it was on purpose Kyle wouldn’t of said anything

        1. Why would you think he was side drafting Kyle he was passing him Kyle pulled a rookie move. He’ll get the favor returned

        1. To all those saying Kyle did it on purpose, think about it 99 times out of 100 both drivers would have wrecked. Only a fool would intentionally try that, or think it was done on purpose

          1. Agreed and I’m not a fan of Kyle’s and like Chase. There is no way that would be intentional as more than likely both cars end up wrecked.

      2. Robert Weber

        Kyle Bush should be fined and kept out of the races for the rest of the year. He think he is the best driver in NASCAR he is not close to it. I believe it was a team that didn’t want CHASE to win. All 4 of those drivers are always in things that go wrong on the track.

        1. Kyle often seems to make a mistake at the end of the race with someone who is about to beat him. That is a cheap way to win. I don’t like to hear the announcers making excuses for him. He has been racing too long to make so many mistakes.

      1. Willie Johnson

        Jeff tried every excuse…but that was intentional. Kyle has been driving too long to make that mistake. He should be docked positions

        1. KyleFanforlife

          Kyle is great and Chase needs to stopping crying like a little girl. Hopefully Kyle puts him in the wall again next week.

    2. Daniel Schaefer

      NASCAR needs to something about Kyle Bush before he hurts someone . That wase the latest in a history of moves he should have been parked and fined heavily.

    3. Robert McClain

      Well now seems Kyle bashing time. I am not a Kyle fan tha be my wife. So let’s watch the videos over and over of Chase during the race. He bumped sidecwoped so many . One time he ran a fellow driver in the wall. Seems it was his turn. Bead was right behind this happening and probably should have been . But then that would be revenge. Oh yea it is NASCAR good old fashioned Nascar

    4. Louis Krueger

      He did nothing wrong he was racing things happen you bunch of cry babies. If anything Chase should be fined by not following the rule set by Nascar after a wreck!!!

    5. Susan Haws-Williams

      Why? He was focused on the 4, and accidently spun Chase. He was just racing. If it was the other way around, would you be yelling for Chase to be banned? Chase made an inappropriate gesture and refused to go straight to the ambulance. Both of those are direct violations of NASCAR rules. I’m glad they’re not punishing Chase. I’m tired of NASCAR and babies like you screaming for blood whenever drivers act like drivers.

    6. Usually a fist because of kids and it means the same thing is seen every week-end at your home dirt track . I believe Kyle it wasn’t on purpose on his statement . It is the same charge I gave Jimmy Johnson Sunday at Darlington , bad driving . Honest and embarrassing to a pro and shows the responsibility to the driver . One more thing . It’s a Truckers Nation and Nascar drivers are some of the best of the drivers in the U.S.

    7. JAmes Wagner

      He is no good for racing.He should be fined and points taking away for his dirty driving .

    8. Are kidding me!!!????…Busch Big Baby.???? should be FINED HARD and then BANNED for 5 yrs at least!!!!…that was not a MISTAKE!!!….watch the replay…he turned in to Chase on PURPOSE!!!!

    9. Kevin H. had the best view. He said “Kyle misjudged” referring to Kyle trying to squeeze in line! Now, I am not a KB fan, by no means but if KH says thts why happened, there you go! Looks like the KH-KB dislike for each other has dissipated.

    10. If it wasn’t a mistake, he’s dangerous. If it was a mistake, and missed by that much, he’s dangerous. When will they learn? I have.

      1. Kyle intentionally wrecked Elliot because he helped Denny Hamlin not him. Quite clear on the head on view. Kyle should be fined.

        1. Kyle Busch should be suspended for at least one race he should be parked that was dirty and intentional

        2. Terry Haynes

          Are you guys kidding me. Get rid of the fines and go back to nascars roots. Let the drivers handle it. This is why nascar is quickly fading

        3. Gene Gonzalez

          You shouldn’t make a mistake if you race every race that’s at that track that weekend…..

      2. Kyle Busch isnt fair and I agree with Shanna. Not the first time he has done this. JGR in not what they portray.

      3. No, not the only one. Kyle Busch is a spoiled brat that is in NASCAR only because of his brother (a class act). Kyle Busch is one of the reasons I don’t follow much any more.

      1. I like Kyle, y’all act like he is the only one who bumps a someone. Some thinks it was on purpose and some don’t. If you can’t take the heat get out of racing. He has been hit and put out of race also. I will always follow him.

        1. Keep your blinders on, just like the Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans did when he wrecked other drivers with “poor” driving. Some are okay with dirty driving, some aren’t. Too each his own.

        2. That wasn’t. Bump he wrecks people almost every race Kyle is an as* any fan of his must be the same it’s time for nascar to park Kyle remove him from any chance of winning a championship teach him a lesson he’s the only driver I’ve ever seen win a race and cry and treat the team like crap after which is why he no longer drives die Hendricks

        3. Brenda , you are so right. I haven’t seen the race yet but it looks like everyone wants to judge Kyle on anything he does.

          1. Kyle is judged for everything he does. Lets talk about Logano or Keslowski and what they are prepared to do to win a race.

        4. Kyle Busch is The best driver on the track Today if not one of the best he wins all the time And He does have an Arrogance about him But to be that good you do have to have A edge sometimes so people make him to be a villain I personally don’t like Him but You can’t deny his talent it was the same thing with Jeff GordonYears ago

        5. I agree 100?! Lagoon is notorious for doing that and no one said! If you can’t handle the heat stay outta the kitchen!! ❤Kyle Bush

        6. I like Kyle also …. What about Joey L.he’s taken out numerous of drivers and some that were racing for a championship… I think Joey is worse than Kyle…

    1. No, Kyle was an arrogant before the wreck at Daytona. He came back from that a much more humble Kyle, almost likable, but that only lasted a couple of years. The old Kyle is back and even worse than before. It’s time for Papa Gibbs to give somebody else Kyle’s golden spoon.

      1. I totally agree. Gibbs straightened out Kurt during his wild years. Of course it might be because the sponsors threa to drop him.

        1. As the greatest there ever was would say to Chase. If u can’t run with the big Dogs. Then stay on the porch. Quit crying. That’s racing. #3 Forever

      2. I agree Kyle is the favorite and cant do no wrong he is the cry baby he thinks he needs all the wins cant handle it when he doesn’t and he gets away with hitting on purpose and spinning them out they need to put him on notice and watch what he is doing

    2. Nope. The only time I’m happy seeing him is when he’s talking to pit reporter
      while out of his car DURING a race

      1. Darrell Sturgill

        I believe you mean a pit reporter on track after race winning “burn out”.
        Kyle is awesome driver!!!?

      2. Kyle bush shold be banned he did it on purpose,when is nascar gonna get rid of these little kids, I would have knocked him out

    3. Kyle Busch was totally at fault, his spotter should have told him he wasn’t clear, and Chase had every right to be angry. If had been inches that would have been one thing, but he was almost in his backseat when he took Chase out. Just glad Kyle didn’t win

    4. No not at all, can’t stand him, he alone has caused nascar to loose a lot of fans . I’m done with it..

    5. No your not he’s had a big and thinks he’s entitled to win every race! Get out of my way I’m Kyle Busch! Jeff Gordon didn’t sugar coat it he said it as everyone seen it!

    6. Not the only one. I personally think he’s an that thinks he can do what he wants when he wants. NASCAR needs to do something but for some reason ignores what he does and goes after anyone who retaliates against him.

    7. Shanna you are not the only one tired of Kyle He can start at the back and pretty soon hes in 10th and then no 1 its like move over here i come

    1. Pretty sure he at least knew he was going to finish in front of the #18, and that didn’t sit too well with him. One way to ensure that didn’t happen was to, well, you saw what happened.

  1. Dewey Foster

    Good for Chase for not taking any crap from the Bush thugs of NASCAR. Give them problem Chase.

    1. Brenda Taylor

      I like Kyle, y’all act like he is the only one who bumps a someone. Some thinks it was on purpose and some don’t. If you can’t take the heat get out of racing. He has been hit and put out of race also. I will always follow him.

      1. That wasn’t bumping… Turning your car when it’s a foot inside another cars rear quarter is a deliberate pit maneuver… Just ask any cop

    2. Exactly. So much like the dirtiest driver in NASCAR’s modern history. Not the best role model to aspire to be likened too.

    3. Richatd Ireland

      Please do not ever compair him to Dale Sr. Ever he could not ever come close to be even being close

    4. BS. Kyle is just arrogant . If he can’t win then he is just a cry baby. Always someone else’s fault.

    1. Eric Gonzales

      All you Kyle Bush haters keep on hating. Best damn driver in the field today. Perfectly alright for any other driver to wreck somebody out. How many other drivers have been fined for flipping the bird? Go Kyle Bush #18

    2. Bumps someone what the are you watching he straight took him out.
      I bet your one of those people wearing a mask in your car by yourself. Busch would kill someone to win a race. With no regards to anyone else. He may be a skilled driver but he got values at all. He took chase out that’s not a bump and go that intentionally taking some out the picture.

  2. Kyle should be fined and given a last place finish. He did that intentionally, and everyone knows it. But all you can do is keep making excuses for him. Chase could of been seriously hurt or even worse.

  3. Malcolm Dill

    Kyle thinks it’s ok when he does it but cries like a baby when it’s done to him. The GOAT is also a sore loser. CS

    1. R Douglas Barnes

      Kyle has the right sponsor . He is a CANDY A++ . He cries all over the place when it happens to him.

    2. I agree with you. Kyle did it on purpose. He thought it was gonna get the win. He should be fined for it and for saying the f word in the interview. Stop babying him

    1. Kyle would have a childish fit if he was taken out like that. He is the BIGGEST in the history of NASCAR .

  4. Jerry Benfield

    it was intentional kyle busch should be banned & owners points should be fined because nascar is taking up for kyle because it was a toyota race i hope people get tired of watching its all fake every since toyota came into racing they let joe gibbs racing do whatever they want without penalitys I say up ur’s nascar and I’m a ford fan…………………………………………………………….

  5. Wow…all this talking about banning . If you banned every driver who drove aggressively, who drove to win, who bumped someone out of a race, who didn’t make a mistake on the track , you’d of banned every driver in the NASCAR hall of fame.

      1. True and these guys drive so on the edge that a fraction of a mistake can be a total disaster. Sometimes we see only what we want when it’s our guy who’s on the losing end but most is not done on purpose it is just a racing accident because someone over drove their car just that fraction to gain points or win.

    1. Michael George Caputo

      Big difference between a bump and hitting him hard in the rear from the side. Bump is when you come from behind and tap his car, not using a pit manuver to take him out. Kyle is a chump…..not a Champ. Can’t stand him. Cries when somebody hits him, but laughs when he does it to someone else.

  6. Chase didn’t say a word that is not how good’ol boys from the south race. Kyle will get his due

  7. He owned up to his mistake and I personally think he was telling the truth. He is outspoken and generally has no problem in telling you when he took someone out. Like him or hate him, he is a great driver .He owned up to his mistake,

    1. If he’s such a great driver then it wasn’t a mistake. That was an obvious hit to take Chase out.

  8. All these people that are bashing Kyle Busch yet everyone of them seem to be fans of Dale Earnhardt whose nickname was the intimidator. I’m sure he got that nickname because he intimidated people by being nice and letting him pass and not spinning on when he had to. You people should be fans of Candyland because that’s what you guys are. Kyle Busch is a great driver.

  9. Its all about RACING things happens. Im upset that kyle larson got dumped 4 no good reason. That comment was not rude in any way shape or form. People need pull there heads out and give him his job back.

  10. Y’all cry about Kyle in the 18 and yet y’all probably loved daddy Dale in the 3. Makes no sense!

  11. Jammie Holloway

    Neither should be banned. Kyle did wreck him on purpose, no mistake. He literally turned into him. If I were Chase, Kyle would be in the wall quickly the next race. Payback!

  12. There is a difference between bumping someone and turning someone. You bump someone in the corners to move them out of the way to gain a position. You turn someone in the straightaway when your

  13. I was offended by that gesture maybe nascar can indefinitely suspended him or let bygones be bygones and bring back Kyle Larson cuz that was one Choice NASCAR made

  14. Love Kyle he admitted he made a mistake. Pretty sure he wasn’t the only one ever to do that. Chase has done it more than once too.

  15. sean j hinds

    Kyle will never be like Dale Sr. Sr. would have said i was just trying to shack him up a little.

  16. Bunch of winners on here. Happens every week. Fine jimmy j for wrecking himself last Sunday while he was in the lead! Lol

      1. Truth is truth he was helping hamlin to win. Denny has done this to Chase to. Kyle took Chase iut plan and simple

  17. Cathy Lawson

    Kyle is going to do stuff like this to the drivers as long as NASCAR let’s him get by with it. Since he is NASCARS GOLDEN BOY they arent going to ban him or fine him. I wonder what would have happened to Chase had it been the other way and he had deliberately wrecked kyle.

  18. All y’all Haters on Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch is the man. But NASCAR , if Kyle Busch would have done what Chase done he would have been fined. Kyle didn’t wreck him on purpose. All y’all need to grow a pair.!!! It’s called racing for a reason. Go Kyle Go.

  19. You know they fired Kyle Larson for saying the word they should Kyle Busch for saying the word…but they should make him be in the back of the field the rest of the year because he purposely wrecked chase Elliot…..Kyle Busch is such a.

  20. kyle admitted he made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe him, he is not the only one, example logano!! he is always turning someone !!!!!!!!!!!! get over it people!!!!!!!!!!! that’s racing!!! go rowdy!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. You are all acting like kyle is the only one who would do something dirty. They all have or would. He races to win. Cant hate him for that.

  22. Karla Brogden

    Agreed! He’ll never be as good as Sr no matter how hard he tries…. Sr would have sure owned up to it lol..

  23. good thing only used his finger an not the word get read of kyle no more bumping 40 cars 20 feet apart no passing much better racing

  24. Charles Null

    Why Chase is not like the one driver saying a word , Chase did it on LIVE TV Or is it who he drive for, and his name

  25. Kyle Busch – “There’s no question. I made a mistake.”
    I am far from a KB fan and was floored he owned up to it.
    Elliotts 1 finger salute was Classic Nascar !
    No fines…no bans…time to move on.
    Plain and simple.

  26. ronald baker

    We enjoyed the race especially being on a weekday. you know they are all racing to win so anything can happen during a race. It has happened to all the leaders at one time or another. As for Chase giving the finger to Busch,it was probably appropriate,but overall a great race !!

  27. If some one done that to him. He be crying like a baby. His day is coming. Go get him boys /////

  28. Kyle Busch – “There’s no question. I made a mistake.”
    I am far from a KB fan and was floored he owned up to it.
    I AM a big Chase Elliott fan !
    Elliotts 1 finger salute to KB was Classic Nascar !
    No fines…no bans…time to move on.
    Plain and simple.

    1. Who sponsored this race? TOYOTA . No more questions should be asked why he did what he did. Money talks

  29. Donald Beard

    Yes it was intentional, so he could gain a spot, and he should be fined and not able to race next five races.

  30. Thomas Gilbert

    What needs to happen is somebody needs to give Kyle an attitude adjustment like Jimmy Spencer gave brother Kurt at Bristol a few years ago when Kurt did something that Jimmy didn’t like.
    Got to see the 1985 Late Model series race Wednesday night with Iron man Jack, L D Ottinger, Jimmy Hensley, Bosco Lowe and other great late model drivers and was just thinking how Nascar has let their sport of racing get into the shape it is in. They have everyone from announcers, teams, drivers all aspect of racing in a little box and no can say anything about how they handle it.
    The race Wednesday night showed the greatness of these drivers and how they handled the cars not wrecking every 20 laps. Need to put racing back into teams and drivers hands.

  31. ELIZABETH Holder

    Kyle Bush is a smart anyway he’s always causing promblems .Chase Elliot is a more of a man than Kyle will ever be he’s proved that either the incident with Denny he said his mama told him if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing

  32. There should be a penalty in Nascar, similar to what football has for targeting. If it’s clear you intentionally wrecked someone, the penalty should be harsh and swift.

    1. Warren Westbrook

      Dale Earnhardt did this his whole career to get the W. He still was the most popular driver. (Intimidator)

  33. Kyle is the baby on the track, take a good look at it over and over he did not have to go up he knew he didn’t have the clearance band that little wimp. (Oh I’m sorry he just might cry) put me in a car and I’ll tell you it was a mistake when he hits the wall.

  34. So I guess not racing for months has nothing to do with timing being of a little or side drafting being off a little. Get over it people , be happy racing is back! Yeah it hurt that it happened, but trust me more will happen in the few races until everyone gets out of simulator mode..just my honest opinion

  35. It wasn’t an accident when he wrecked Dale Jr. and it wasn’t an accident with Chase. Why does NASCAR let him get away with so much? I think it’s disgraceful.

  36. I thought the question was should Chase Elliott be fined by NASCAR…this post seems to be all about Kyle Busch.

  37. What Kyle did was not a accident he dose that on purpose all the time and Nascar lets him get away with it

    1. Dale Sr. was nothing like Kyle Busch, he was smart on the track, yes he moved cars but only when he was faster not when he was gonna loose positions! Chase had the faster car and Kyle should have fell in line and settled for a top 5 or 10! Instead he decided to be a!
      I would have loved to see Denny and Chase battle for the win!

  38. Kyle Mistake not hardly, fined, no however I see a future racing incident in his future. ?

  39. I got a good idea, Why don’t we just stop racing again then all these cry babies can go back to watching General Hospital and we won’t have to discuss NASCAR no more! Racing mistake and guess what it didn’t cost me or you one dime!!!!!

  40. Kyle gets away with some things, and NASCAR looks the other way. Same thing with Dale who pushed and banged people around rather than use skill to NOT wreck people like Petty and Martin and Bill Elliot! NASCAR uses him to get people riled up! He acts like a spoiled brat and no one likes him I know! He has a fan base but his arrogance will do him him, but he always has himself!

  41. David Jewell

    Racers like Kyle Busch and a couple others is why I don’t watch much Nascar anymore. Plus Nascar has too many double standards depending on who the person is. Just wish I was racing against Kyle and he put me into the wall on purpose, it wouldn’t be just a pushing match in the pits.

  42. Chase Just has to get Even . If he doesn’t some other Drivers will push him to . When Dale SR. did it , he just wanted to rattle there cage , and he got away with it, to the guys that didn’t give him back the same thing .

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