Kyle Busch - "There's no question. I made a mistake."

Kyle Busch – “There’s no question. I made a mistake.”

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NASCAR’s most popular driver Chase Elliott was running in second place on Wednesday evening in the Toyota 500 at Darlington with a fantastic chance for victory.


However, he was taken out of the race after being driven into by NASCAR most hated driver Kyle Busch in a weird incident that led Denny Hamlin taking home the win at Darlington Raceway.

NASCAR says Chase Elliott will not be fined After Kyle Busch bust-up


Busch also made a controversial statement:


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4 thoughts on “Kyle Busch – “There’s no question. I made a mistake.””

  1. Kyle Busch did NOT make a “mistake” when he wrecked Chase Elliott in tonite’s NASCAR race. It was a deliberate act by a bully and poor sport!! NASCAR needs to suspend him, place him Last, and fine him championship points. This type of behavior should NOT be tolerated!! It is damaging to the sport.

    1. Kyle Bush should ofhis legs he s not the best driver he can only win the infinity races and take them from the infinity drivers he can’t beat the Nascar drivers when someone hits him or he doesn’t win he Acts like a baby unlike his brother Kurt and Gordon is always making excuses for Kyle since he was such a great driver then he wouldn’t have made the mistake since he’s so great he did it intentionally so he could help Denny Hamlin partner in crime and racing isn’t like it was when Dale sr raced its no comparison Elliott should of smacked him down like Gordon did in his fight he can’t talk either

  2. Steven McCormick

    Been watching nascar for years remember the No. 3 m6 favorite driver of all times everybody said he cheated ,he’d wreck you because he was a winner. Kyle Bush is a heck of a driver and has some Dale Earnhardt instincts so get off hos back and by the way Chase is my top driver and he’s coming but stuff happens and let’s go racing

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