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Denny Hamlin is optimistic about Kyle Larson returning to NASCAR

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Denny Hamlin explained that Kyle Larson will be back in NASCAR cup series “sooner than later” if Larson wants to come back.

Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson have enjoyed good friendship beyond the race track. So, it was obvious that he would be asked about Larson at some point. That moment came after Hamlin won the Pro Invitational Series last weekend. While asked about whether Larson wanted to return to NASCAR, Hamlin replied:

I think he loves NASCAR. I think so much gets made about his love for dirt (racing). He’s got a love for dirt, there’s no question about it. I went to plenty of races with him last year on Saturdays, just some dirt races, got to watch how passionate he is about dirt.

He also really likes Cup racing. I think if he wants to come back, there is a path for him back. He’s been doing all the right things as far as what I’ve heard.

Obviously he put himself in a really bad spot saying something that was totally inappropriate. But, you know, people make mistakes. A lot of people make mistakes. Hopefully he’s back in Cup racing sooner than later.

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1 thought on “Denny Hamlin is optimistic about Kyle Larson returning to NASCAR”

  1. Kevin johnson

    I think Nascar was to harsh on what they did to Larson so if he doesn’t come back I will continue to boycott NASCAR and anything they have to do with NASCAR or Chevrolet or McDonald’s they all jumped too fast and everybody makes mistakes so they put somebody out like they did to Kyle Larson was wrong !!!!

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