Kyle Larson sensitivity training

Kyle Larson completes sensitivity training, remains suspended indefinitely by NASCAR

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Kyle Larson has completed the mandatory sensitivity training which was needed as a result of him uttering the N-word. However, despite completing the test, the 27-year-old driver will remain suspended indefinitely by NASCAR.

Kyle Larson was suspended indefinitely without pay by Chip Ganassi Racing right after the incident in which he used the N-word in a virtual iRacing event on April 12. Since then, his place behind the wheels of the #42 Chevrolet has been given to the then-retired Matt Kenseth. 

Already ? Kyle Larson is back racing again

 While Kyle Larson completed the necessary sensitivity training needed for him to be cleared to race again, he remains suspended by NASCAR indefinitely.  

However, he did return behind the wheels with the World of Outlaws Invitational at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa. He needed to complete the sensitivity training to be eligible for this race too which he did. Starting in the 18th position, Larson finished 10th in the race.


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28 thoughts on “Kyle Larson completes sensitivity training, remains suspended indefinitely by NASCAR”

    1. ronald ascherman

      He’s my favorite.

      All the be bop and whatever you call RAP
      Get paid for saying it unless you are White.
      Double Standarf?????????

  1. Get Larson back in a cup car I enjoy watching him come through the field.he makes nascar exciting to watch

  2. He’s no different than any of the rest of them, he just got caught. Great driver deserves to be back in cup.

  3. Let him race Today that’s not a huge deal even in the black community it was said in a playful manor not negative. These are young guys stop making everything out of something and please stop with the race thing. Treat everyone equal.

  4. Keith Miller

    Kyle Larson filled the requirements for his big issue and should be put back into a car. Very talented driver who paid his dues.

  5. Ernest Tillery

    Nascar needs to reinstate him it not what he has done everybody makes a mistake it is no reason to suspend him and Chip needs to be sued for firing him. Chip needs to pay Kyle because he did have a contract till the end of the year.We want to see Kyle back on the track not later now..

  6. So sensitive his N word isn’t any more than you calling someone an asshole.
    Hey Kyle stick with Dirt Sprint Car racing. Those folks are a better class of loyal owners and fans.
    Nascar is all about $$$ not the person.

  7. Dave Laclair


  8. Gary markham

    If Bubba Wallace had uttered “whitey” in the same circumstance, it would have been a non issue.
    Let’s get real, the n word is not appropriate but not the end of the world. Blacks use it often and think no thing of it.
    Kyle apologized, completed the sensitivity requirements, let’s move on. NASCAR needs to get a pair and reinstate him.
    Leave it to the owners and sponsors to bring him back….

  9. Berry Godwin

    This is why after thirty five years wacthing nascar all the bull **** rules .nascar is dead. Put kyle back in a car..

  10. Kyle said one word and his career was shattered. He has paid the price and completed what was ask of him. NASCAR is losing it’s fan base. I strongly believe that Kyle is good for NASCAR and has a large fan base. If he doesn’t run I don’t watch and support Nascar.

  11. Just a thought,,, if I remember right when Kyle won the Chili Bowl he made a remark about winning it was something like hey Nascar this is my biggest win or something like that. Would they be holding because of that???????????

  12. Give him a chance to race again. No one in this world is perfect. I think he a great driver, but he isn’t my top choice. God forgives so NASCAR needs to reinstate him.

  13. What about the guys that failed drug testing. they had to go through all of the hoops that nascar said. then they got reinstated. this is not nearly as bad. Nascar is loosing fan base.

  14. Jody Oxandaburu

    Why is NASCAR playing God and holding it over his head. If someone willing to put him on their car reinstate him and show Ganassi what they gave up sponsorship was looking for a way out

  15. Edward Demers

    I have been watching nascar for 50years+1st in ND in 56 saw Kyle as a new up and comer so he made a mistake and is paying for it.twice over so let’s get this settled and get him back racing. Make a lot more fans happy . Just an old man’s opinion.Thanks for letting me spout.

  16. I Think Nascar Needs To Bring Larson Back To Racing. He Made It Exciting and Fun To Watch. He is My Favorite Driver…… Very Dissapointed I Will Not Be Seeing Him Racing !!!!!!

  17. There are no quality rides currently available. Let’s watch Kyle race on dirt in 2020. If there’s a team capable of winning the championship that wants him next year, so be it. Drivers have ruined their careers by choosing uncompetitive rides. Patience.

  18. Need to let Kyle come back. I love to watch him race. All the other drivers say things and they are still racing

  19. Breath in breath out move on…..Let him back in the car….He is too much of a talent to waste !

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