Already ? Kyle Larson is back racing again

Already ? Kyle Larson is back racing again

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Ex NASCAR driver Kyle Larson is set to hit the track again this Friday, though not in NASCAR, for the first time since using a racial insult. He is staged to race in the World of Outlaws Invitational at Knoxville Raceway.

Former Chip Ganassi Racing driver Larson is set to get back on the race-track before many of the other Cup Series drivers, drivers who weren’t fired from their jobs for using an indecent language during the iracing competition.

Who Will Replace Kyle Larson in the No. 42?

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Kyle is set to race for his own Kyle Larson Racing sprint car team in the World of Outlaws Invitational at Knoxville Raceway in Iowa this Friday, May 8th.

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The races that are set to make up this event will be run without supporters, and they are set to be the first World of Outlaws winged sprint races since February, before all of the recent postponements and cancellations.

The 27-y-o Elk Grove, California born lost his job as the driver of the #42 Chevrolet after using a racial slur during a NASCAR race on iRacing at virtual Autodromo Nazionale Monza three weeks ago. This race was being live-streamed on several Twitch channels when Kyle raged.


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105 thoughts on “Already ? Kyle Larson is back racing again”

          1. Steven Roberts

            The whole incident was overblown. The word is used in music and every day conversations. He should have been allowed to apologize and just move on with his life and career

          1. I heard from Felix’s brother the only thing he said was between his spotter when the spotter called Kyle Jap and Kyle replied N—a please. And he gets fired.

    1. I hope he wins every single race he races in. Chip Ganasa was stupid for firing him for one mistake. What a boy Kyle Busch and his language oh I forgot he’s with Joe Gibbs. I like Kyle Larsona and stand behind him 110%

      1. He hold NO choice the sponsor have ALL the pull. No money no race team. Most people do not know how it works. So a car owner has a team of to get sponsors. YES the sponsor helps the team run. But the team owner is the first one paid. That how he or she makes there living

        1. Ok, so where should it end with him? Scar him for the rest of his life? Im just curious what you think? Never ever recover from his mistake? Please respond.

          1. Gloria Douglas

            Been to many race tracks. Who buys the tickets. Who’s in the stands. Hell who’s in the infield. I will Catch my driver at smaller tracks. Cheaper better time so NASCAR eat dirt

        2. Steven Miller

          Every single person in this world is a racist I’m so tired of people being offended deal with it like an adult it’s just a word

          1. Solutely I agree with all what you said it’s just the word aren’t we allowed to speak under the First Amendment blacks all say those words to each other all the time and no one gets offended when they call each other that work what’s the problem if a white person says it has a different meaning far as I know words in the dictionary don’t have raced this intentions whether a white person says it or black person says it supposed to mean the same thing right there was a movie put out two years ago called Django they said that word like a thousand times with white people against black people black people get spiky black people lives by people they all said it like a thousand times but no one complained about the movie thanks for hearing me out

          2. You are horribly wrong. Maybe everyone YOU know is racist which says something else

        3. Patricia Gayle Newton

          Obviously some of you have never listened to drivers during a race, get over it! We all say stupid stuff occasionally.

      2. CGR didn’t fire him the sponsors for CGR fired him. You see when there’s big money on the table and one person even if it’s the first time puts that in jeopardy he has to go. Pay your pittance and and I think by next season he’ll be back in a seat.

        1. He’ll probably be with Stewart Haas next year his contract was up this year anyway. He deserves a second chance. And if not hell3end up in formula 1 or Indy. To good of driver. People have to thin skins get over it

    2. Danny Belcher

      It is funny that saying something politically incorrect can ruin a person’s life but being an alcoholic, drug addict, sexual predator and so on is forgivable and treated as a disease and all is good.

      Let him drive

      1. Look at Joe Biden a known ****** predator and he’s running for President .Kyle made a mistake and they throw him to the wolves . Bidens been doing it for 40 + years with no consequences and running for President with the full support of the Democrat party .

        1. The current President is also a ****** predator with the full support of the Republicans so your point is ???

          1. So groping children and inappropriate touching of women and children is ok in your eyes? You are one sick person.

          2. Gerald Lambuth

            No he’s not but nice try come with some facts before you try to stick up for a child predator

      2. James Sowell

        He will be back in a cup car no later than next year. Anyone wanting to win races and championships should be able to find a sponsor who will work with him.

    3. Nascar is well on their way of losing what fan base they have with all of these rules and regulations they have about conduct , we all make mistakes in life but if Nascar stays on this course they are done . Just look at the attendance they have now , it getting worse . You don’t even see as many shot of the stands nobody’s there.

    1. I don’t know why they are Doing this to Kyle. He hasn’t made one little mistake and I mean little and they are his moods selling his houses and moving back to California and I hope nothing but the best for the young man he has nothing but class. With these so-called members of NASCAR don’t think so I don’t know what they have against them but I hope they all pay the price.

          1. He’s better off in open wheel. He’s had a lot of trouble with cars with fenders

          2. And excellent point you brought up Big Johnson. Pretty sure I’ve seen black people walk around yelling honky and cracker we don’t get offended. Well I don’t anyway.

        1. Is he racist or that just the culture of young people? You hear the word in music, movies and from comedians. We need to decide if the word should be said or not.

        2. Chip , whoever you are you are a dumb son of a *****. Was that a racist comment to you. Did you get offended. There is a double standard to all of this. If I say the N word then I’m a racist. If Sniff Doogy Do says the N word then he’s a rap artist. Now tell me who decides which is which. I get offended when I’m called Holmes , cracker, whitey But I let it roll off my back because I’ve been called worse by a lot better and damn sure a lot more intelligent. And if all of this offended you or anyone else then all I can say is I don’t give a ****.

      1. When that one little mistake could cost CGR the financial backing of their sponsors yeah that’s kind of a big deal. NASCAR is big business with big dollar’s from sponsors so said sponsors don’t want the names associated with anything negative.

    2. Richard Campbell

      He did not deserve all nascar did . Drivers who failed drug test and more were given a.second chance.

      1. So much privilege in this comment. Imagine having so much privilege that you’re mad you can’t say one word ??

        1. Gerald Lambuth

          I love how you “chip” bring up privilege that’s funny if we are so privileged as you clam why are we not allowed all white schools why do we not have affirmative action why do we not have a naacp?We can’t have all white schools because it’s racist right?Well how about the all black schools?Isnt that racist?Or how about colleges having to let students in who aren’t smart enough to attend them just because of the color of their skin.Isnt that privilege?Ill bet you say no but yet it is

  1. I agree with you! Common word for ignorance I use it alot when I cut myself or bump my head or see a white guy with his pants halfway down his ass I call him a white one!

  2. No more NASCAR… dirt tracking is my go to… nascar is on a downward spiral.. you are finished.

  3. Mary Ellen Lewis

    He deserved a second chance. Anybody else would have been given a second chance. Go Kyle

  4. Come on NASCAR …. Very unfair…
    You makin a big mistake… you to Chip…
    Come on Tony Kyle will put u in the ????

    1. Your parents made a mistaken when they made you apparently if you call being racist a mistake.

      1. So you think he doesn’t deserve a chance to change. Just give up on everyone that isn’t perfect like apparently you think you are. No maybe it wasn’t a “mistake” but if you can’t give someone a chance to change then there is no point to this life we live.

  5. I was almost done with nascar before this know Larson is gone so em I get did of the good drivers and keep the cheaters don’t get it

  6. I think his heart is in dirt racing,and he is good. Go getim and hAve fun .You don’t need NASCAR

  7. Chip someone should be on your *** like a spider monkey! Nascar is a Joke until those tracks go broke which will be soon. As soon as another national race series gets the TV money this is what we have to put up with as race fans.

  8. I’m 62 years old. Been a nascar fan all my adult life. Through thick and thin I have been here. But this absolute hard core show of nonforgiveness for 1 regrettable slip of the toung in itself has no place in our society! Hell ,even rapiest and killers get a small measure of forgiveness for far worse sins than Kyle committed.Seems like nascar and it’s associated mimions have gone completely PC at the expence of their fanbase and their integrity! P.S We are the fanbase that supported nascar for decades which allowed the powers that be to become very wealthy.If we turn away nascar will know it! Nascar ,you need to fix this absolute unforgiving PC problem before it’s tp late ! Tick tok. Tick tok!

    1. Slip of the tongue that has been used to demonize, torture, oppress and murder black people for over 400 years. Black people just got the right to vote like 60 years ago. I’m sure you hated that when it happened because clearly you’re racist too since you believe racism is just something that slips out.

      1. Blacks were given the right to vote under the 15th Amendment of 1870. So its been more than 60 years.

      2. But let me guess chip its all the white mans fault huh yes racism is not ok but and slavery was bad but nobody want to talk about the other africans that were rounding up neighboring tribes abd sellung the to the white people to bring the back to America they want to for get. About that because it doenst fit there agenda

      3. Pretty sure if you check the history the blacks sold the blacks to begin with your just upset you didn’t get a cut of the profit

  9. What Kyle said may be racist but all of the injustice done to him for saying ONE WORD is far more racist than what he is being punished for. PC has been running amok in recent years and it’s time to stop being so sensitive about something that is taboo for one race yet the supposed offended race can throw the same word out in songs and movies and everyday conversations like it’s nothing. If you are truly offended you would not tolerate it being said by ANY race. I am personally offended when I hear the word from a black person because of the double standard. If you haven’t guessed, I am caucasian, not racist, but I hate a double standard that is not unpolitically correct.

  10. Tony Stewart can kill a guy and it’s all okay, but Kyle Larson uses a word that is in dictionary to mean ignorant and gets fired. Who’s to say what context he was using a word in the English Language? Only the people judging him are putting it in that context.

  11. Since Kyle came to Nascar the driving skills of the drivers has improved. Before Kyle it was make laps until the last hundred to go, then they(the drivers) would get on the wheel and drive. He made racing a more intense race. It won’t be the same without him. Oh I’ll probably watch be it won’t be the same.
    Chip is going to be crying when Kyle gets in a real ride, like Stewart or Hendricks. I think he would look good in that 48 car. PUT KYLE IN THE 48 .

  12. The difference white people cant say it and it burns people like you up because your privilege can’t handle not being able to do anything you want.

    1. I’m the whitest guy you’ll ever meet and I sat it. You know why? Because it’s a damn word. No I don’t say it with the hard r, because that genuinely does lead back to racism, but I do say it ending in a. If a black man can call me a honkey or a cracker you best believe I will call him the n word

      1. Chip is for sure the racist one if he judges people for what they say and not who they are!!!

  13. Meranda Price

    I watch ever race but with him gone I find something else to watch like drag racing

    1. Michael Hoffman


  14. Really ? Racist!! Do you even now what the word means ?? If not please go look it up in the dictionary!! Then see if you think it’s Racist. Last time I checked its not a racist word !!

  15. What about when a driver use’s God’s name in vain the commentators just laugh about it. That’s a lot worse than what Kyle said. Not that what Kyle said was ok.
    I’m from Georgia and I use to work with a guy from Pennsylvania and he would call me a redneck. I told him I could prove he was a racist and he said no I’m not. I said you’re always calling me a redneck because you know you can get away with it. I said you wouldn’t dare call Cliff a black man the N word because you know you’ll be in hot water so In your heart you’re a bigot. Look bigot’s come in all colors shapes and sizes and I’ve worked with blacks and rednecks that called each other honkies and the N word but if one of the other got in trouble financially or sickness or whatever the other would be the first one to help him. So you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

  16. James L Campbell

    This whole Kyle Larson ordeal is the most stupidest thing I have ever seen nascar do,for saying one word that some some people got their feelings hurt about,He did not directly call someone that, it was a figure of speech,I have been a nascar for at least 50 years,and you are at the bottom now.NO one is perfect except God,but you nascar want to play God and strip a guy of everything he has dreamed of,for one word. I’M DONE WITH NASCAR !!!

  17. David E Arnett

    He deserves to drive in nascar. It’s not a popular word to use. Alot of people are offended by it and are offended by other four letter words as well. Just a word

  18. Mark Metzger

    It’s actually pretty simple economics!
    The sponsors all pulled their money and Chip Ganassi can’t/won’t fund the 42 out of his own pocket!
    There is no moral ground on the side of Gannasi Racing, only $$ ground. JMO

  19. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences you can say all the stuff you want but if there’s someone that can and will he you accountable then it’s on you to watch your own mouth, sure they say nigga in rap all the time, cause they get paid to, the demographic literally pays them to say dumb ****, do dumb **** and keep these kids entertained it’s pure stupidity, but on a higher level a professional level, that same dumb shit isn’t acceptable they are held to higher standards there’s so many industries involved with sponsorships deals that if accountability didn’t come into play somewhere your image could be dragged in the dirt instantly by someone else’s actions. hence why everyone pulled his original sponsorships. Cool he’s racing again but it’s going to be a lil while longer before he makes any progress on this uphill battle, he will but it won’t be right away or glorious the racist don’t usually get those

  20. TartNotSweet

    Everyone wants to make excuses for Ganassi saying he had no choice but to fire Kyle. Kyle showed Ganassi endless loyalty while in his employ. He had offers from top teams to race for them but he turned them down saying he was loyal to Ganassi for giving him his first Cup ride. Tony Stewart was one of the owners who offered Kyle a ride and he still wants Kyle to race for him. Tony doesn’t give into pressure. He’s not afraid of what NASCAR, or sponsors threaten. Nobody tells Tony what to do. He gave Kurt Busch a ride when no one else would touch him. He ran SHR on the car until Kurt could prove himself and secure a sponsor. Ganassi abandoned Kyle after he was loyal to him. Ganassi is trash and NASCAR is run by hypocrites. France ran the sport drunk and high on opiates while he was enabled by those around him for years but Kyle makes a mistake and they end his career. I have been a NASCAR fan for 40 years but if Kyle is gone so am I. Enough is enough.

  21. Pete Mitchell

    I sure do, freedom of speech!!! So I guess I’m racist!!!! Ya know Nigga….. just saying what I hear everyday on the radio, video’s and life!!! If it offends so many start disciplining the rappers and every athlete who uses it. I will then follow suite…

  22. see why NASCAR did it. Sponsors and public opinion. Doesn’t mean he’s a racist. I’m white and veteran. Have black friends and when joking around they can call me anything and they don’t mind me saying nigga please . We party and have good times. Plus have each other’s back. Went to a club with my friend that was all black except me. He saw other black dudes eye balling me. He suggested we leave after awhile. I guess some mommas in there were checking me out to much. Any racism there.

  23. Kyle Larson deserves exactly what he got. Yeah, sure, most white people think it’s no big deal bc black people use the term. The meaning behind the term is totally different depending on who’s mouth it comes out of. Just a fact. Black people use the word as slang, whites use it either, trying to be cool (down) or being offensive. Why Kyle used it (being neither fully) makes no sense what so ever than a poor attempt to be funny. When you are a professional in a sport that has made huge stride to be inclusive to the black/brown community you have to be mindful of what comes out your mouth PUBLICLY. That’s probably not the first time he or someone in his circle has used the term; but I bet they wouldn’t dare get caught saying it out loud, in public. Your position in life can require you to have some restraint on what you say. Every PROFESSIONAL knows that, black or white.

    1. Simple , the sponsor that calls the shots depend on the consumer. It looks to me that there is more for Kyle than against . Show the sponsor how you feel. You do that by not buying there product . Whoemever the sponsor is ,guaranteed is based upon white folks.As a society white people is to blame simple as that . Think about my scenario . My great great grandfather fought with the Union Army along with 500,000 other white men and they lost there lives to free the black man .Only to have someone like Chip call us racist . Never in my life have I ever heard one nigga ever say thanks for what your grandfather did . Sure is he’ll not any kind of holiday but that alone should be apart of Feburary. Buts it’s not .

  24. To be accurate, Kyle did not “rage” and, while no one should use that world, it wasn’t an “insult”, he was talking to a buddy. Glad to see you’re not concerned with accuracy.

  25. Kyle was already on his way out and Chip Ganassi Racing knew it!!! He’s in his last year of his contract And he is probably destined to be driving the 48 car for Hendrick Motorsport.

  26. Chip… until it’s a word that is NOT acceptable for ANYONE to use then it’s a double standard and the Man deserves a 2nd chance.

  27. I would just like to know one thing has anyone ever looked that word up in the dictionary it says no such thing about the color of skin at all. We are all the same on the inside everyone of us makes mistakes everybody just needs to grow up.

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