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Matt Kenseth explains his return to NASCAR with Chip Ganassi

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The retired driver Matt Kenseth was chosen to drive the wheel of the #42 Chevrolet for the rest of the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season after Kyle Larson was fired by Chip Ganassi Racing. The Matt Kenseth is set to return to racing after retiring in 2017. 

In an interview, the 48-year-old driver revealed the timing of the opportunity and the fact that this might be his last chance pushed him to accept the offer. He said:

It was a very unexpected opportunity. The timing was very, very interesting.

I’d say we’re all in a very unique situation, globally, everybody’s in a unique situation. When Katie and I talked about, we figured it is probably the last opportunity like this that I will ever have.

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Matt Kenseth is not targeting a swift return to form as he believes that the lack of practice will play its part. NASCAR is returning to the race ground within two weeks without any practice due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

So the first few weeks, at least the first week, I’m trying to keep our expectations low because if we’re really going to these races and all these places with no practice, that’s going to be a slow adjustment to me.

If you want to read an extensive interview, you can read it here at The Charlotte Observer.


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