‘Previously unreported’ Kyle Larson development emerges

NASCAR: ‘Previously unreported’ Kyle Larson development emerges

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In an earlier unreported development, Coca-Cola had already part ways with NASCAR driver Kyle Larson prior to Sunday’s night incident, which involved Larson using a racial offend.

By now we are all used to the Coca-Cola Racing Family of NASCAR Cup Series drivers and the interviews with the obligatory swig from a Coca-Cola bottle in which these drivers are required to take part in. And one of the drivers was unsurprisingly Chip Ganassi Racing’s  Kyle Larson.


Now it has been disclosed by Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern that this is no longer the case. Stern label it as a “previously unreported development”.

What makes the fact that this statement was made right now extra interesting, is the fact that this move obviously had nothing to do with the fact that Larson used a racial slur over the weekend on iRacing at Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

NASCAR: Chevrolet suspends contract with Kyle Larson indefinitely

It’s not be made known public why, exactly Kyle Larson was dropped from the Atlanta, Georgia-based soda company.


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10 thoughts on “NASCAR: ‘Previously unreported’ Kyle Larson development emerges”

  1. Michael D Tierney

    If NASCAR gets rid of Kyle Larson for saying a word that is used in every R&B song of late, then I will Never go to or watch another NASCAR. Race ever again. It won’t be easy to do but everybody knows that he did not use that word racially. And the only reason it will be a racial comment is due to someone’s ignorance. I call people “Niggah” all the time. NASCAR is already going the wrong way with staying relevant, this will not help it. Kyle Larson is not a racist and yet you all report it as racist. This is what’s wrong with Our country now. Quick to blame and use the word racist.

    1. Problem is he used the other version of the word. With a hard r at the end. Making it sound, whether it was meant to be racist or not, very racist. All these companies and teams, along with the sport have an image to uphold, and if Larson decides he wants to complete the sensitivity training, he’ll be free to race whenever he pleases. Only person to blame is Kyle himself. Could’ve used any other word in that situation, and comparing that to people using it in music makes no sense. Most rappers who are black use the phrasing, and it’s not said with a hard r at the end. Using the full word is something that isn’t acceptable in this day and age, and hasn’t been for years. He took responsibility, now let’s just let him take the steps if he wants and see if he’s gonna make a triumphant comeback

  2. All this hype is Bullshit !! Kyle is free to say what ever he wants to say this is America, weather you think it’s right or wrong!! It may not be PC nowadays but that word is used everyday, just listen to rap music and hear it for yourself, watch you tube videos and you’ll hear it most of them.. And did he sign anywhere authorizing the sponsors of the iracing to record him or his voice while playing said game, and rebroadcast it , most NASCAR , NFL, MLB, all have disclaimers regarding this…
    Just my opinion as an American!!!!!!

    1. JSKING… Very nice of you to volunteer to fund his team for the balance of the season.

      “Kyle is free to say what ever he wants to say this is America” that is not how this works. You probably should spend your time in quarantine educating yourself.

    2. The word has no place in American society today as it is. As for did he sign anything… Are you that stupid? He’s ona stream with other drivers. It was on twitch, nothing related to a NASCAR broadcast, so nice try on that one. Kyle owned up to the mistake, and at the end of it all, sponsors and teams have to look out for their image, and someone using sensitive language like that in a public environment like a twitch stream isn’t acceptable, as it shouldn’t be. Just remember you say he’s free to say as he wants, and that’s true. But freedom of speech is not freedom of repercussions.

    3. Lauren Lawrence

      Of course there is a disclaimer in iRacing’s TOS. Everybody that races gives up their right to their intellectual property (ie their voice, cool race finishes, car designs, etc). Also, they agree to follow the guidelines of iRacing which prohibit the use of racial slurs.

      I can’t believe the guy that continued on and on about the word in music. To African Americans, nigga and nig*** are two different words. One has multi uses, the other is a D derogatory word that whites used to degrade blacks during the slavery era and up until about 1975, regularly. As for the fan who said he’d leave….you’re not a real NASCAR fan to politicize it–three sorry is better off without you.

    4. Philip Berling

      You would be correct. This is America and there is freedom of speech. He’s not going to go to jail for it but at the same time employers do not have to employ him sponsors don’t have to pay him money to represent them and their products.

  3. im sure most have said the word and not really meant anything racist behind it,same as if when the word honky may be used,lol,most laugh it off if theres no real racist issue happening,everyone does silly things in there life,we learn from it and learn to be better people and move on ,i know and feel that theres not really as much meant by this as much as the media has portrayed it to be!! this shoulda never got out of hand to make it seem racial,i dont beleive it was ever meant that way! these childlike vidio games are determining the outcome of profesional drivers,what a joke!

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