Kyle Busch: ‘The Most Valuable Compliment I’ve Ever Received’

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During a period of massive change, it’s normal to lose focus on what truly matters to you. Your priorities shift, your focus shifts… and with it, the sense of purpose you depend on.

Because we are, in large part, what we do… it’s normal to feel unsettled and adrift.

If that has happened to you in recent weeks (which surely, to some degree, it has), here’s a simple way to remember what truly matters to you.

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That single compliment reveals what truly matters to you… and what you need to stay focused on, especially during difficult times.

This piece comes from Kyle Busch: Double-time NASCAR Cup champion, founder of the energy drink brand Rowdy Energy Kyle which is widely considered to be one of the most talented drivers in the sport’s history.

Here’s Kyle Busch:

The most meaningful compliments I’ve gotten lately regard (son) Brexton. From Brexton’s teachers, his karate teacher… (they’ll say) he’s a leader in class, he helps some of the younger kids, he’s very patient…

… and he’s nice. He’s nice to other people.

That tells me we’re doing something right in helping Brexton learn and grow, in teaching him well… and is something many people probably wouldn’t believe about me. (Laughs.)


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