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NASCAR should “think differently and be open-minded” for new schedule

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According to driver Kevin Harvick, NASCAR will have to “think differently and be open-minded” to draft a new schedule for the postponed races.

NASCAR season came to a halt when all the racing events were postponed at least until May due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. 

Scheduled to run behind closed doors, the races at Homestead and Atlanta were scrapped as it concerned the safety of people involved. While NASCAR plans to run all 36 scheduled races in 2020, it is not certain that the race at Martinsville Speedway on May 9 will go through without further delay. There are ideas regarding mid-week races and more doubleheaders that could take place after the season resumes to complete the scheduled races. 

Driver  Clint Bowyer is open to doing anything that the NASCAR new schedule will ask of him. He said:

I think as soon as everyone got to Atlanta and saw the schedule change, it raised an eyebrow.

We said, ‘Hey, we can do these races in a day.’ I was fine with it.

You know we need to do whatever we can do to put on a show for all these fans across the country.

If all we have time for is a one-day show, then so be it. I think we can provide enough bang for their buck.

While Bowyer seems ready for whatever is thrown his way, Harvick wants NASCAR to “think differently and be open-minded” while drafting the new schedule. He explained: 

Out of necessity, how we configure race weekends and when we race will have to be figured out for when we get back to racing this year.

It’s actually not a bad thing.

Change is different, but it can be good, and we’ll have to think differently and be open-minded to what the rest of this year’s schedule ends up looking like.

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