Unexpected change in Hendrick Motorsports’ future?

NASCAR: Unexpected change in Hendrick Motorsports’ future?

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Team Hendrick Motorsports need to replace seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Jimmie Johnson for the 2021 campaign. Could that force more than just a simple replacement?

Days, after the 2019 NASCAR campaign ended with Kyle Busch, became just the second active multi-time winner, the other active multi-time winner, Jimmie Johnson, stated that he would be retiring from racing full-time after the 2020 campaign, his 19th year as the full-time driver of the famous #48 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports.

There have been several reported replacement candidates for the 44-y-o California raised, but team Hendrick Motorsports have claimed that it is not their top agenda to name his successor just yet.

Jimmie Johnson not sure about retiring after the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season

One candidate who was named by NASCAR following the 2020 campaign as one of five drivers to watch to potentially replace the seven-time champion, particularly stands out.



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