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NASCAR drivers sign digital autographs for fans amid postponement due to Coronavirus 

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While all the NASCAR races are postponed until May due to the coronavirus pandemic, many drivers have involved themselves in signing digital autographs for their fans. 

Fans tweet the pictures to the drivers on which they want the driver’s autograph. Many drivers have been responding to such fans’ requests. 

The trend appeared to start when Hailie Deegan addressed the fan request to a digital autograph. She tweeted:

“Some guy just tweeted a pic of him and I and wanted me to sign it. So I screenshot it and signed it on my phone and then sent it back. Not gonna lie, laying in bed signing autographs ain’t too bad.”

Since then, a number of drivers have responded to fans’ requests. As all the races are postponed due to coronavirus, NASCAR drivers have found pleasure in signing the digital autographs for the fans. You can find some of them below.

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