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NASCAR president Steve Phelps outlines plan for races in 2020

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Although only 4 races have been conducted in the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR plans to run all 36 scheduled events this year.

Until now 4 events have been organized in  Daytona International Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Auto Club Speedway and Phoenix Raceway. NASCAR intended to run races in Atlanta Motor Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway but it was postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. NASCAR also postponed all the events that were supposed to be organized until early May. 

However, according to NASCAR president Steve Phelps, they plan to organize all 36 scheduled events in the year. He explained in a teleconference:

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“Most importantly we intend to race all our 36 points races as well as the All‑Star event. What those look like at this particular point we’re looking broadly about what our options are. At this particular point we would like to finish the season at Phoenix [as scheduled] and keep the playoff portion intact. With that said, it will require a lot of different opportunities for us to look at. We’re in the process of doing that.”

According to the president, NASCAR would like the new dates to not interfere with the playoffs for which they have a number of options.

“No specifics around midweek races. I’ve heard about doubleheaders, different things,” he continued. “At this particular point a lot of things on the table for us to look at, working with our race teams, working with our racetracks to make sure the things that we’re putting on the table are feasible for us to do.”

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The president also explained that they are considering organizing the races without fans attending them. 

“Would we consider racing without fans at some point to get back racing more quickly? That’s in the consideration set. I don’t know,” Phelps stated. “It’s changing so rapidly and what it means for mass gatherings and what is that number. We’ll work with our health officials and we’re working with a number of infectious disease professionals that are going to help us through what that looks like and whether it makes sense to race without fans or have our first race be back with fans.”

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4 thoughts on “NASCAR president Steve Phelps outlines plan for races in 2020”

  1. Been going to races since 1969 , 8– 10. times a year the last 30 years. Do what you have to do to get through this mess. I’ll be there when we can return.

  2. Why can’t you go ahead and race . The TV. is where a lot of us fans watch because of not being able to go for one reason or another. This is the only way we can see them. Thank you.

    1. F1 tried that and it backfired miserably, with team members getting the virus. It’s just not feasible at this time

  3. NASCAR R.I.P. Absolute waist of time. The cars are all the same! Just peal off the stickers! The same engines. all, the same tires . Take the drivers out and chain them all together. Start them up and let em go! In 490 miles have a big wreck then take two hours to complete the 10 laps. Boy O Boy wasn’t that fun? Bring back RUN what ya Brung! Ford wins this week Chevy next.

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