NASCAR's highest-paid drivers

NASCAR’s highest-paid drivers: Find out who’s at the top

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When the top-10 highest-paid drivers in NASCAR earned a combined total of $116 million in 2018, Jimmie Johnson was the only driver with over $10 million base salaries to his name, which Forbes reported back in June of 2019. However, that changed last season.

Kyle “Rowdy” Busch also joined the soon to retire Jimmie Johnson as the only two NASCAR drivers with wages higher than $10 million in 2019, and the current NASCAR Cup Series champion was also the highest-paid driver last year in terms of salary, winnings, endorsements and licensing, that’s according to 2020 Forbes report.

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It’s hard to find out exactly how much funds NASCAR drivers are earnings for various reasons as the sport continues to be facing financial challenges. figures of drivers’ contracts are not usually made public — that includes salaries and number of years — also NASCAR stopped releasing prize money figures in 2016. (they did release the total prize for the 2020 Daytona 500, ($23.6 million.)


However, Forbes reported drivers’ total earnings with wages and winnings combined from last year. So here we take a look at the top-10 highest-paid NASCAR drivers — whose wages combined to an estimated $120 million from 2019.


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