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Ryan Newman speaks about the Daytona 500 crash and a return to racing

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Speaking to NBC’s “Today” show, Ryan Newman addresses subjects regarding the Daytona 500 crash and a return to racing. He told that he suffered a bruised brain from the crash.

He also revealed that he was knocked out and it will take some time to heal from the injury. He explained:

“It takes time for it to heal. I was knocked out. There was a point where I don’t remember a part of the race. Realistically, I feel so lucky. On so many levels, I feel so lucky. You look at the crash and you think that is spectacular in a bad way. You look at the car afterwards, you think about all the things that happened right for me to be sitting here.”

However, Ryan Newman is not sure about the exact return date. But he would like to return as “soon as I possibly can.”

“I don’t know yet. We’re working on it. Soon as I possibly can.”

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Newman was in a good mood giving the interview and was glad to have the opportunity to live.

“This was my I should have won interview, right?”

“It’s emotional, no doubt. I think about the fact that I was that close, but, really in the end, I’m really humbled by the opportunity to continue my life, to be blessed by so many people’s prayers, to be sitting here and hopefully make something of it, enjoy life with my daughters.”

Also, the racer was thankful for the technology that has developed in the sport due to which he was “able to sit here today”.

“It’s not just me, but there’s a whole group at NASCAR that has done a great job, from the tracks to the safety personnel, the drivers inside the cars, the cockpits, the containment seats that we have. There are so many levels of things that happened in the last 20 years that I’ve been a part of the sport that helped me be able to sit here today.”

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