Joey Logano

Joey Logano wins Phoenix Cup race, his second 2020 win 

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Joey Logano made two NASCAR Cup Series win in 2020 by holding on to win over Kevin Harvick. In doing so, he became the first repeat winner of the season.

Even though he had an uncontrolled tire penalty in Stage 2 and a broken jack during another stop, he overcame those moments to win the Cup. The victory took his Cup victories count to 25. 

Speaking to Fox, Joey Logano:

“Boy, we had more things go wrong today, unfortunate situation with the jack breaking, nobody’s fault. 

“Had some good restarts to get ourselves back up there, being aggressive and having some tires there towards the end. I knew racing Kevin was going to be hard. I was figuring I was going to get hit, so I throttled up in the corner so much, I thought he was going to give me the bump‑n‑run, which I expected, wouldn’t blame him for.  I’m out of breath.

“That was a pretty intense last 30 minutes or hour of the race.  A lot going on. Couldn’t be more proud of this team. Two wins already in the books.  We’ve got to keep this thing rocking.”

The second-place finisher, Kevin Harvick led for 67 laps out of 316. While he may have lost the cup, he is the only driver to finish in the top 10 this year in all four races. Speaking to Fox, he said that his team couldn’t “ get the control of the race back” after the restart.

“(Logano) got by and got control of the race. “He got to restart where he wanted to. “Our Jimmy John’s Ford was better, especially when we could put it in front of his.  We just didn’t get the control of the race back there, and he was able to get by us on that restart where I got hung up.”

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