Here is Five steps NASCAR has taken to make racing safer

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The whole NASCAR fraternity is in shock after Monday’s night  Daytona 500 ended with a terrifying accident on the last lap which saw veteran driver Ryan Newman ended up in “serious condition.”

As the leading pack raced for the winning position just before reaching the finish line, Ryan Newman’s car was hit hard from behind and sent smashing into the wall at top speed.

Numerous collisions caused the 42-y-o car to overturn, and as he was sliding upside-down along the race track, driver Corey LaJoie hit Newman’s car, which continued to slide on its roof all the way to the infield grass.

Ryan Newman update: What we know after NASCAR Daytona 500 Tragedy


Ryan Newman was immediately taken to nearby Hospital. According to a statement from the 42-y-o team, Roush Fenway Racing, Newman’s injuries isn’t life-threatening.


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